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SteepShot® Coffee Maker


SteepShot® Coffee Maker


A patented 30-sec full immersion/infusion coffee-brewer invented by Ari Halonen in Norway utilizes pressure to create delicious coffee simply and speedily.

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SteepShot® Coffee Maker

Brew delicious filter coffee in a minute
SteepShot gives you an excellent cup of coffee fast wherever you need it. 
 This unique, simple and portable manual coffee maker utilizes pressure to create delicious coffee simply and speedily, and brews your coffee in half a minute.  Designed in Norway by Ari Halonen and developed in partnership with Tim Wendelboe, SteepShot is unlike any brewer that we’ve used. A future icon of minimalist design, portability, and fast yet exceptional brewing, SteepShot is a must-have for filter coffee lovers.

Patented 30-sec full immersion brewing

By combining ground coffee and hot water in the sealed brew chamber, internal pressure builds, ensuring an even and thorough extraction. Upon flipping the brewer and opening the release valve, accumulated pressure forces the brewed coffee through the reusable stainless steel filter.

Thanks to this revolutionary brewing process, the resulting cup of coffee is both quickly and evenly extracted, while also being sweet, full-bodied, and intensely aromatic.

The process of brewing with SteepShot is fairly simple, and it is incredibly intuitive to use.

100-micron Metal Filter Included

The metal filter that comes with the unit is reusable and produces a surprisingly clean tasting cup. 



Doublewall brew chamber with guideline

The important thing to remember when brewing with SteepShot is that the water needs to be hot; at least 90 degrees Celsius. Without steam, there’s no pressure. Doublewall brew chamber will help to retain the water temperature well, and maintain stable pressure inside while brewing.
Brew-chamber comes with 4 indicators – 150ml, 200ml, 250ml, 300ml (measurement without coffee grounds). You can still brew a delicious cup of coffee even if you do not have a digital scales with you. Great for outdoor usage.

Simple and Minimal

All parts can be removed to wash properly, and fit together easily and nicely. It is incredibly intuitive to use, the process of brewing and cleaning is fairly simple.

For cleaning, you can easily knock your brewed coffee grounds out into your compost bin or rinse the brewing chamber and catch the grounds in a little sieve as you discard the water into a sink. If you’ve got any extra boiling water you can also brew an empty chamber and use that to clean out the brewer and your sink quite nicely. 

SteepShot is  dishwasher safe, you can place it in the dishwasher or clean it with hot, soapy water to remove all of the coffee oils.

Exchangeable filter to fit to your preference

SteepShot is a great experimentation tool. You can swap standard metal filter to optional metal mesh to slightly clearer mouthfeel, or even to Aeropress paper filter.

Optional 60-microns Metal Mesh available

SteepShot comes with standard 100-micron metal filter.  There is also an alternative 60-micron metal filter available to purchase. This will help you achieve a slightly more clarified brew liquor.
You can also choose to use paper Aeropress filters for even more clarity, as well as an alternative metal mesh.

Characteristics of filters

SteepShot is a great experimentation tool.
Standard metal plate filter  

(comes with SteepShot):

  • Drains fast, which gives you better control over the brewing time

  • Lets oils and some sediment pass through, result in fuller body and rich in flavor

  • Durable and easy to clean

Metal mesh

(Optional parts. Available for purchase)

  • All benefits as metal plate filters 
  • Drains a little slower with finer grind settings.
  • Less sediment than the metal plate filter. 
    · Durable and easy to clean..
Paper Filter
(Aeropress filter 54mm – 63mm)
  • Filters oils and sediments

  • Drains slower

  • Makes a cleaner cup

Suggested Recipe

You can start with
  • Metal filter (included)
  • 14 g. Coffee, medium – fine ground   
  • 200ml (max level) Boiling water
  • 30 seconds brewing time 
You can play around with grind size, brewing time, how much water you use, how much coffee you use and agitation to achieve what you like!

More information on SteepShot

SteepShot Brewing Guide

What’s included in the box

  • SteepShot x 1
  • 100-micron Metal filter x 1
  • Spare small O-ring x 1
  • User Guide x 1
Product Info


SteepShot® Coffee Maker


29cm (H) × 13cm (W) × 13 cm (D) 




Stainless Steel (Dishwasher safe)


Brew chamber can hold upto 500ml, 

250ml for brew capacity (requires some headspace for pressurization)


Designed in Norway, manufactured in China

Additional information

Weight 410 g
Dimensions 22 × 10 × 9.5 mm



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