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Who We Are

{ X } COFFEE is a multi-roaster specialty coffee stand, aiming to introduce various great coffee in the world to those who care for quality. Established with 3 friends with different growing background and coffee experience, but we share one thing clear – there are so much amazing coffee around the world. We work persistently to curate coffee offerings, carefully select every coffee beans, fresh milk and other ingredients to offer our visitors a surprise experience. 

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Why multi-roasters?

We believe that characteristics of coffee flavor are determined by the coffee bean itself, but also we find that the characteristics are greatly impacted by the roast profile that coffee roasters choose. We believe that roast profiles are one kind of coffee roasters’ expression towards a certain coffee and it’s very interesting to experience and discover more. That’s why we choose to be a multi-roaster coffee shop, to share and introduce various aspect of coffee characteristics and new coffee experience.

We care about every single brew

As we know many people’s efforts are being involved to produce specialty coffee, we make sure every cup to meet your expectation. 

All of our filter coffee is made-to-order, freshly ground, and carefully brewed by our barista one by one. You’d be surprised how aromatic and flavorful the coffee can be. You can also choose different kinds of brewing method from paper to metal, drip to siphon. Please talk to our friendly barista for your special request.

We always look for great coffee

Discover new coffee experience together with us

Roasted in Japan

Partnering with leading coffee roasters in Japan, we import high-quality coffee beans by air every month.

Committed to Quality

We serve high-quality coffee and it can be traced back to the importers and farmers. We always care about every detail in coffee and our services, and try to present the great characteristics of each beans.


Good things must be shared. We’d love to share our knowledge, information, brewing method and great coffee.

Multi-roaster coffee stand specialized in filter coffee. We wish to introduce great coffee around the world.


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Store Info

Kissa { X } COFFEE, TTDI

Specialty Coffee Lounge &
Coffee Select Shop

86A, Jalan Burhannudin Helmi,
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📞 +60 3 7731 3311

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Q Sentral

Grab & Go coffee stand

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