What is specialty coffee?

When you look at our menu, you’ll find a long list of specialty coffee beans from various different countries and continents that we offer here at Kissa { X } Coffee. As you would expect, one of the most common questions from our new customers who are still new to coffee is this: what is specialty coffee?

To put it simply, specialty coffee, as the name itself suggests, is simply the best of the best coffee beans out there.

Now you wonder, what makes them better than the rest?

Let’s start from the very beginning! Specialty coffee is actually a term coined by Erna Knutsen of Knutsen Coffee Ltd. The concept is pretty simple and straightforward: “special geographic microclimates produce beans with unique flavour profiles.

Specialty coffee is beans that are grown at the perfect altitude, in the perfect soil, and picked at the perfect time before they’re sold to coffee traders and roasters. In addition to that, specialty coffee beans must have no blemishes and defects, and this means each and every bean must be checked thoroughly when it can go into the market.

In today’s coffee community, specialty coffee is used to refer to coffee that has scored over 80 points out of 100 by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). How do you score higher than 80 points? The standards are based on the quality in fragrance, aroma, flavour, acidity, sweetness, balance, aftertaste, and uniformity of brewed coffee. This grading process is called “cupping”.

So much care and effort were put into brewing one cup of specialty coffee, so it makes sense why it’s more ‘special’ than other types of coffee! And it’s not just about the process—specialty coffee contains more varied and unique flavours that you can’t find in commodity coffees. Since different microclimates produce different flavour profiles, you can experience various flavours and aromas of the beans produced by different regions.

We welcome you to taste all these unique flavour profiles at Kissa { X } Coffee and find your favourite one!

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